Human resource policy

People are the richest resource.

People are the wealth of the organization, let alone the country. Human resources are the most inexhaustible wealth compared to other resources, and as people constantly develop, society also requires us to develop. “Local Charity Group” LLC provides 100% of its human resources with local personnel, and has a total of more than 250 highly skilled employees.

Opportunities open to you by joining “Nutgiin buyan group” LLC

  • Join a dynamic, talented and friendly team in a comfortable work environment
  • Provide opportunities for continuous development of knowledge and skills
  • Competitive salary, incentives and additional opportunities in the labor market
  • A system for fair assessment of knowledge and skills

Discounts and promotions

We provide our employees with discounts on phone bills, field bonuses, and long-term bonuses, as well as housing discounts.
Our doors are open to every talented person who wants to create and grow. Please submit your detailed resume to [email protected] or fill out the QUESTIONNAIRE online for the open position announced by our company.